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Furniture Care Products




Wooden furniture  
PREMIO Spray Lavander and Lemon

Modern spray formula for an easy and comfortable squeeze. It contain silicones, noble waxes and fine solvents to clean, shine and protect your furniture. Eliminates stains, aureoles, traces and humidity tracks. Deliciously perfumed with two exquisite fragrances.

Spray x 360 mL y 230 mL
x 12 cans
Crem 300 mL, box 12 bottles

  PREMIO Original formula

Embellishes and protects your furniture with a fine and resistant film of wax that shines without scrubing. It is also ideal for doors, plates, frames and all kind of wooden objects of every color.

Canister x 220 mL

Box x 12 canisters
  PREMIO Citric Oil and Red Oil

Cleans, polishes and protects your furniture and other wooden objects. It contains Lemon Oil (yellow) and Almonds (red) that nurture and embellishes wood, prolongating your furnitures life. Also avoiding rust on metallic surfaces (bronze, iron, chrome).

Canister x 220 mL
Box x 12 canisters

  PREMIO Scratch cover

Effective renovator of furniture and other wooden objects. Its exclusive formula contains waxes and high power covering pigments that dissimulate marks, aureoles and spoiled areas caused by usage, returning the wood to its original appearance.

Canister x 220 mL
Box x 12 canisters

  PREMIO Crema Canister and Spray

Cleaner wax formulated specially to clean and shine in a quick and efficient way to: plastic furniture, formic, leather and vinyl; artifacts, computers and kitchen surfaces; plumbing, chrome stuff, tiles and other home stuff..

Leaves a protective film that does not permit dust to stick and seal, making stains easy to clean. Does not scratch, grease, nor stain.

Canister x 500 mL, Box x 6 canisters

Spray x 400 mL, Box x 6 cans


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